4 Lessons I learned when I gave up on mine.

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2020, the year everything began to fall into place. At last, I was on my way to turn my passion, storytelling, into my dream job. I was building my little online village, my toddler was still napping, and I had just enough time to be a work-at-home mom. I relished in the routine and in the thought of being more than “Mom”. While I have always loved being a mother, I also love having an identity outside of motherhood.

When dreams meet reality

“Stop being so sensitive, grow thicker skin or you’ll get crushed in this world.”

“Stop being so sensitive, grow thicker skin or you’ll get crushed in this world.” These are words I have heard so many times throughout my life. Well meaning people reminding me on a frequent basis how sensitive people don’t have a place in this world and how bad my sensitive nature is for me.

And I have to confess, I believed them up until I did my own research on this topic and I realized being a sensitive person can be an asset. Also, it’s not…

Wait out the storm… this too shall pass.

Happiness is often portrayed as laughter, presents, purchases, true love and being surrounded by people who never upset us. But the reality is, true happiness does not look like this. This is the idealized version of what it means to be happy and believing this version prevents us from achieving true happiness.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in this fantasy world, which we assume others have access to and we are missing out on. But life will throw you curveballs and people will disappoint you. …

Inaction is a disease.

So many of our dreams get crushed every single day by believing those who don’t believe in us. In a perfect world, we are surrounded by supportive people who encourage us to be different, think differently and take the less travelled path in life. But we don’t live in a perfect world so we shouldn’t wait for approval to proceed with our dreams.

Tuning Out the Disbelievers

Most of the people you admire today have experienced doubt, skepticism and critique along their way to greatness. What makes them different is they continued in spite of it all. They navigated their way through messy, treacherous…

They say home is where the heart is. But what if your heart can’t find its place in this world?

They say home is where the heart is. But what if your heart can’t find its place in this world? Have you ever wondered why? I have… and after moving cities, states and countries, I think I may have found the answer.

It all started twenty four years ago in a small town in Romania. I was a six year old little girl who had a wild imagination and even wilder dreams. One day, a family friend asked me: So……

What if you want less things, less casual friends, less busyness, less money or success? Does that mean you are unable to handle modern life?

Ever since my early twenties I have been at a crossroads between achieving more and living a simple, wholesome life. One lifestyle promises external rewards like more money, success and accolades, the other provides us with internal rewards like inner peace, less stress and deeper human connections. So far, my environment has told me that the latter is for people with no goals or ambitions.

Here’s why…

Your thoughts shape your life.

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Mindfulness is about creating a strong, healthy relationship with yourself in a practical way. But whenever I research the topic of mindfulness, it’s almost always interconnected with meditation. While meditation is amazing, and I don’t dispute its benefits, some of us have a harder time meditating. I believe that attaching the two terms together actually discourages those who can’t meditate from practicing mindfulness.

I have been practicing mindfulness (without meditation) for a few years now, and while it may sound difficult, it doesn’t have to be. As Ellen J Langer says in her book, Mindfulness:

“Trying to be mindful at…

5. Practice tolerance

I used to see life through a very blurry lens. I was confused, lost, depressed, anxious and insecure. It took me almost five years to master these five wellness habits and find myself. It was not an easy road, but one worth embarking on. All the soul-searching and wellness practices I tried are now paying off.

Unlike five years ago, I now look forward to waking up everyday and challenging myself to stay positive. Although my daily activities are the same as five years ago, my mindset has changed. I see life from a different perspective. …

Why do you pretend you are fine while your soul is screaming for help?

The forced smiles, out of body laughter, the meaningless conversations through inner tears are all a testimony of your pain. The pain you’ve been living with for so many years.

You have been unable to muster the courage to do something about this pain. So you are still here, stuck in a haze of regret, resentment and wishful thinking. You are hurting to protect others from feeling the way you do.

Hiding the pain

Sometimes you dream of the life you would have had if your choices didn’t lead…

If you remained in a relationship after a negative event, then, by default, you agreed to forgive. So you might as well do it the right way.

Resentment stems from the unwillingness to show empathy first. If you give in and forgive first, you may be perceived as weak. So you do your best to prove your partner wrong and hold onto the resentment. And everytime you get into an argument you make sure to remind your partner of past mistakes, which you claim to have forgiven. But have you truly forgiven and moved past disappointment?

The right way to…

Kate Tebailey

Positive thinker. Happiness seeker. Wife. Mother. Perpetually curious. https://inspoplace.com

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